Useless Text Selections:

Tucson Weekly Uncensored Personal Ad

I was at the laundromat and out of sheer boredom I decided to thumb through an issue of the Tucson Weekly that was there. For those unaware, the Tucson Weekly is a free city wide cicrcular that keeps up with local entertainment and events. So as my clothes were spinning their way to cleanliness, I read. Now, the back section of the Weekly has the ads for phone sex, escorts, personals, etc. I normally just flip through these pages in search of some real content. However, a word caught my eye. It was the word "bunny". So I read the ad. It was as follows:

"Man Wearing Bunny costume with no crotch- must enjoy sex in the zoo, art museums or any other very public venue. Leather & vinyl only, no inhibitions please. Age 60-65 need apply."

Yeah. Wow.